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Text Box: Welcome to the Miracles Meetings on 20th Street website.  This website will be a compilation of Recovery oriented material for your personal enjoyment and use in your recovery.  From speakers, upcoming events, meeting schedules, slideshows to what’s happening in the Tri-State area and District 2 you can check back to see if the webmaster is staying on their toes, updating and keeping the site fresh.  Please let the webmaster know what else you would like to see (within reason and legal) and your suggestions will be taken into consideration.  Drop the webmaster an email below.
The Miracles Webmaster

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6th Ave. Church of Christ

530 20th Street

(Beside University Fire Station)

Huntington, West Virginia

MEETING SCHEDULESArea 73 - West Virginia (Link)District 2 - HuntingtonWhy We Were ChosenThe AA ParadoxesDr. Bob 3rd & 7th Step Prayers(At MOW Recovery Shop)Saturday 8:00pm
Sunday 7:30pm
MOW Miracles Mondays NOONCheck out THE
MOW Recovery Store
(All things Recovery)